New Addition

First of all we hope things are going well for everyone.

Here is a video of our new crossbred boar. He is a Blurred Vison x Mancave. We are excited to have him and look forward to seeing his offspring.



We are quickly approaching time when you may need to make some changes to fine tune your showpigs for your show.  We have been impressed with the quality of pigs we have seen and the effort people are putting into their project. We are happy to give suggestions on the final stages of your project. Here are some things to do…

  1. Get at weight on your pigs
  2. Brush your pigs daily and keep their skin condition looking good
  3. Wash your pigs weekly
  4. When you are walking your pigs practice just like you are showing in the ring.
  5. Send any of us pictures or videos and we can make suggestions on what do next.

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