Things to keep an eye on

Gotta love our Michigan weather, 35 degrees one day and 60 degrees the next. Up and down weather can be really hard on animals. Below is a list of things to watch for as well as a list of things to keep the same for your animals.

Watch for

  1. Coughing and runny noses
  2. Thumping chests (usually a sign of a respiratory issue)
  3. Make sure they are continuing to eat and drink every day. I sick animal will shy away from food
  4. Other signs of sickness could be hair standing up (looking fuzzy), ears down (looking depressed), tails down
  5. Best advice…call your vet don’t wait

Things to do

  1. Your animals need a clean dry place with plenty of bedding to sleep in all the time.
  2. Water needs to be fresh and clean.
  3. Put a heat lamp in the animals sleeping area for extra warmth. Keep it high enough so they can’t play with it.
  4. Try and block off drafts to keep cold air off the animals.

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